Makhana Side Effects

“Makhana” seems to be the new buzz word everywhere. Look around and you will find makhana in different flavours, packaging, shapes and sizes. Right from a local grocery shop to big retails chains, the shelfs are full of colourful makhanas or lotus seeds.

Makhanas or gorgon nuts or fox nuts are renowned for their multi-use, nutritive value and also the health benefits they offer. Like they say, too much of everything bad, makhana also should be taken in proper quantities. Taking excess of makhana can also have certain side effects. 
Makhanas can be had every day in different forms during winters. Makhana pops, makhana seeds, makhana flakes, makhana snacks, are some of the forms with different tastes that people can consume. 

Although there is no scientific data to prove side effects of makhana but below are some of the side effects of having makhanas:


A lot of people are known to be allergic to lotus seeds. There are numerous cases of people who are allergic to nuts and these are reported from different countries. More so, if there are set of people who are allergic to seeds and nuts, then it is quite likely that they may allergic to makhana also. One must take specific allergic tests just to be sure. In case one feels certain allergic symptoms after consuming makhanas, it is best to consult a physician with regard to the same.


An arrhythmia is a physical problem related to the rhythm of the heartbeat. There can be people with faster heartbeats, or people who slower heartbeats. Other cases may include irregular heartbeats. It also refers a feeling of a racing heartbeat or fluttering of the heart. While mostly this is not dangerous but people with arrhythmia should be careful with what they consume.

Though there is no direct link of makhana to arrhythmia, however individuals fond of makhanas or having them regularly as part of their diets, should consult a physician before consuming them. 

Blood Sugar Levels

Makhanas tend to help reduce blood sugar levels in the body. A diabetic patient that is already on insulin should ideally get in touch with their physician before munching on these delicious, yet healthy snacks. 

Digestive Troubles

Consuming makhanas or lotus seeds in excess may lead to constipation, flatulence, and bloating. An individual that is already suffering from constipation, and more so for chronic patients, must avoid makhanas completely.


Makhana or lotus seeds are warm and may cause excessive heat in the body. It is advised that women should not consume too much makhana seeds during pregnancy as they may affect the baby. Pregnant women undergo too much hormonal and physical changes, while makhana has many healthy properties also, they should be avoided. Although there is no scientific study that can prove but it is advisable to refrain. Lactating mothers should also avoid having excessive makhana.

Specific Medical Conditions

Makhana or lotus seeds should be consumed in normal quantities if individuals suffer from certain medical conditions. They should also consult their physicians or specialists as the case may be in case of doubt. 

Body Heat in Babies

Makhanas are warm in nature and may impact the baby’s health. It is therefore advised to give makhanas to babies with minimum 4 years of age. Also, at times makhana cannot be easily digestive, so one has to be careful with the baby’s diet and what quantity is given or frequency is used.