Makhana and Weight Management

Makhana are small balls packed with high nutrition, and are being consumed in domestic and international markets. Cultivated in tropical wetlands, Makhana is being manufactured in India. Also called Lotus Seeds and Fox Nuts, Makhana is seeing a huge increase in number of consumers in India.  

 Traditionally, food consumed in India has been plant based. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, pulses, fruits etc. have been a part of the Indian diet. However, with globalisation, Indian markets are now opened to a number of different cuisines and diets. There has been a shift in diet of people. Processed food, packaged food, fried foods, Junk food have now become a part of Indian diet.

 With the growth in consumption of processed food, junk food, there has been an alarming increase in the cases of obesity world-wide. The perils of obesity have led to other diseases like heart attacks, diabetes etc. High in sugar and sodium such foods also result in hypertension.

 High consumption of carbonated drinks have further added to the problem of obesity. Consumed by even kids in large quantities have shown results of obesity even in children. High in sugar content, carbonated drinks are very detrimental to the health of people. 

 An increase in obesity cases all across globe, new fads of diets have come into play like Atkins diet, GM diet, intermittent fasting etc. These diets might help in reducing weight but can impact the digestive systems adversely. 

All the above factors have magnified the need for a balanced diet that helps in weight management and better digestive performance. Hence, Makhana has become one of the most popular choices for health freaks. 

Obesity – A Serious Health problem

Obesity is defined as a medical health condition in which the health of a person get adversely affected by the excess body fat which results in serious life threatening diseases. Obesity is diagnosed when your body mass index (BMI) is 30 or higher.

Normally, increase in weight can be due to a number of medical problems, like hormonal imbalance, genetic causes etc. However, Obesity can be due to excessive in-take of fatty food and a sedentary lifestyle. The excessive calories taken get accumulated in the body as fat.

Reasons for Obesity

There has been a jump in number of obese population across the world. Globally, 40% of the adult population is obese. Obesity is women is higher as compared to men due to a number of reasons like hormonal imbalance etc.

  Diet: One of the prime reasons of obesity is having high calorie diet which is rich in fat, sugar. Processed Food and carbonated drinks have contributed to the obesity across all age groups.

 Sedentary Lifestyle: people consuming wrong food coupled with inactive life has led to increase in obesity. Working and sitting all day long in offices has made life very inactive. People who do not exercise and only take high calorie diet are prone to obesity and obesity related diseases.

 Obesity along with stress has resulted in serious health diseases like Heart problems, digestive issues, sexual problems etc. It is noted that obese people even have difficulty in sleeping properly. Over-weight people have problems like osteoarthritis due to stress of weight on the joints.

It is predicted that if not controlled, Obesity is likely to double in Indians in the coming years. Hence, it’s important to move to healthier choices of food. Makhana, the super food has become an answer to fight obesity and obesity related health issues.  

Makhana- The super food helping weight management

Makhana has become the first choice of consumers for weight management. Packed with all the goodness of minerals like potassium, magnesium and antioxidants, Makhana or Fox nuts are being advised by dieticians too for reducing weight. 

 High in fibre and low in fat, Makhana helps in weight loss across all age groups. High fibre diet helps in having a high metabolism rate thereby reducing weight. Consumption of Makhana also helps in detoxification of liver. The high magnesium content found in Makhana flakes and Makhana seeds also help in weight loss. 

 Low in Calories, Makhanas have become a preferred option for the people struggling to reduce weight. A 50gms serving of dry-roasted makhanas has 180 calories. Apart from low calorie, Makhana has zero  saturated fat. 

 Having good carbohydrates and proteins, Makhana helps in keeping the stomach full with minimum calories. Makhanas are also gluten-free and contain a flavonoid called kaempferol, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.

 Available in different flavours like peri-peri, cheese & herbs, bar-be-que, wasabi etc., Makhana is being consumed as a best snack options. 

 Makhana helps in proper functioning of digestion and relieves digestive problems which further help in reducing weight. 

 Makhana has astringent properties that help in curing problems like diarrhoea and improves appetite.

 Makhana being a plant based super food can be used as snacks, Indian food, soups sweet dish etc. Makhana seeds can also be consumed directly. 

 Makhana can be roasted in a bit of oil and can be consumed by adding salt and pepper at home. It is an inexpensive snack that can be cooked at home itself. 

 Consumers across countries prefer eating Makhana over expensive Dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds etc.  

Apart from having low fat and sodium, Makhana also has a low glycemic index. Other power foods like Chia seeds, Sunflower, pumpkin and flaxseeds have also become a new rage among the weight watchers. However, they are an expensive option as compared to makhana. Also, they are not easily available everywhere as only select retailers distribute Chia seeds, sunflower seeds etc. 

Retailers are offering different flavours of Makhana globally to cater to different tastes of consumers. However, it is said that home cooked Makhana is better than packed and flavoured Makhana available in markets.

Makhana at home

For weight loss strugglers, Makhana can be made at home using various recipes that are easy and quick to make. However, they can also buy it directly from stores. Following is the way to make tasty and healthy power packed Makhana at Home.

Dry Roasted Makhana: By lighting roasting Makhana flakes in non-stick Fry pan using a tablespoon of  good cooking oil. While the Makhana is being roasted on a low flame, you can add salt and pepper as per taste.  Once the Makhana is roasted, it can be transferred to a dry jar and stored for eating at regular intervals.