Makhana Growers

                                 Makhana Growers

Makhana Culinary Use

Makhana seeds or fox nuts can be cooked in a variety of ways depending on whether..

Makhana Side Effects

“Makhana” seems to be the new buzz word everywhere. Look around and you will find..

How Much Makhana To Eat

Makhana or the wonder nut with numerous health and medicinal benefits is grown..

Makhana Supply chain

Makhana is slowly becoming one the most demanded aquatic food crop due to its ..

Makhana Advantage

Our desi phool makhana or makhana as it is fondly called, is going places and going..

Makhana Sustainability

Sustainable Agriculture is extremely important in current times for balance of ecology..

Grading of Makhana

Makhana, also known as Fox nut or Gorgon nut has gained a lot of popularity globally..

Makhana Storage Tips

Makhana plant, commonly known as Fox Nut, might have its roots in South East Asia..

Processing of Makhana

Makhana or fox nut or Gorgon nut as it is called in different countries goes through..

Makhana Harvesting

Makhana harvesting is the process of removing  the entire plant after maturity. It includes..

Pond System

Pond system cultivation method of makhana or fox nut or Gorgon nut is one of the oldest..

Field system

One of the popular and modern techniques of growing makhana is the Field system method..

Makhana Cultivation

Makhana (in Hindi) Fox nut & Gorgon Nut ( in English)  & Euryale ferox ( Biological name)..

Forms of Makhana

Known for its miraculous benefits, Makhana is seen as an Elixir of Life. Cultivated in ..