Food Professional

A number of food professionals and research scientists are involved in the growing of makhana. Learn more about the qualitative and productivity measures being taken to ensure that the best quality makhana reaches the consumer. Get to know about the Centre and state Government initiatives that provide an impetus to all the stakeholders in the makhana supply chain. Understand how different factors have contributed to the high demand and supply of this wonder nut across countries and how the figures are seeing a high growth rate.

Marketing of Makhana

Makhana or lotus seeds need no introduction.  Also known as Euryale ferox, this nutritious..

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Mechanizing Makhana Popping

India has traditionally been home to the new super food makhana or fox nut or Gorgon nut..

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Research Centre for Makhana

Get an insight into the research centres that work for improving the quality and productivity of makhana

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Government schemes in India

The central and state government have launched a number of schemes to promote makhana research and production. 

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Driving Factors for Makhana

Know more about the reasons behind what drives the global demand for makhana or fox nut 

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Makhana global growth prospects

The global superfood has made inroads into almost all international markets and continents. Understand the prospects 

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