Makhana Portions

Makhana has a humble beginning which can be dated back to over 200 years ago from Madhubani, in the Indian state of Bihar. For the longest time, Makhana or Fox Nut or Gorgon as it also popularly known, was restricted to household consumption during traditional and religious ceremonies. 

This seemingly simple nut was consumed by rural households and a part of their daily diet for energy, as it contains high fiber. It was only a decade or more ago, when suddenly the popularity of makhana seeds grew so much not only in the Indian urban households but also millions of people across various continents and countries. 

While earlier makhana was being cultivated and grown in small ponds or through the ‘pond system’, but the rising commercial value and demand of consumers also led to government tying up with local farmers in India to grow makhana through the ‘field system’. 

What is portion size

Food portion or portion size is a widely used term in the FMCG and food industry. With the rise in obesity, sedentary lifestyles, it is very important to understand how much to eat, what food combinations to have, in what intervals to eat. Portion size is the amount of different food products that one can have on his or her plate during a single sitting meal or food time. 

Importance of portion control

The nutritional requirements in a single day vary for men and women. It also depends on different factors including age, lifestyle, overall health condition. It is important to have a portion control during the day to get maximum nutrients and energy during the day.

More often than not, most people tend to eat anything and everything that is laid out on the plate. Not much thought is given to quantity and the combination of food groups being consumed.

 A lot many times, without even realizing, individuals tend to overeat, which leads to weight issues. There can also be times due to emotional ups and downs and also hormonal changes, one may over indulge in food. Such common triggers may lead to onset of various lifestyle diseases including diabetes, blood pressure, weight management issues.

Thus, it is important to have food portions consciously. Also it is always good to consult a professional nutrition expert for better guidance.

Makhana daily servings

Makhana or lotus seeds are popularly eaten during snack time, sometimes as part of the breakfast, widely used in making different Indian curries and also made a part of Indian sweets. There are a lot of people who swear by eating a mix of different nuts for boosting up the metabolism and also aiding weight loss. 

Though there is mixed quantity that is recommended by health and fitness experts, but generally it is advised that a total serving of up 50 gms during the day is sufficient. The daily portions of makhana may vary from person to person depending on their demographic factors including sex, age, weight, height, etc. 

Makhana aids weight loss

While there is no limit to intake of lotus nuts, but for people aiming at weight loss, should definitely seek professional advice from nutrition and health experts. Makhana portions when eaten in the right quantity and also clubbed with the right food categories is very helpful in overall health upkeep. 

Lotus seeds are high in fiber and hence aid in digestion. They can be easily consumed by individuals of all age groups. It is suggested that eating nearly thirty grams ( 30 gms) of makhana is good for stimulating weight loss. 

Makhana- A popular option for vegans

A vegan diet or Veganism as it is also referred is considered as a way of living that works towards removing or excluding all types of animals and their byproducts. A vegan diet does not include any animal product, including meat, eggs and dairy. Products including curd or yoghurt are also not consumed.
People choose to follow a vegan diet for various reasons

There is a great interest in vegan diet also. As per different researches conducted, having a vegetarian diet lowers the risk associated with cancers and also heart diseases. 

Makhana being a high nutrition vegan food product is also quite popular. Fox nuts are a boon for vegans. It is so high in fiber, with carbs, gluten free and very high in protein. A fueling demand from vegan diet followers has also led to manufacturers spicing up this superfood and coming out with different flavors to suit the varied taste buds. 

Makhana intake at night

Fox nuts of makhana or lotus seeds as people may know them differently, have been a traditional staple diet in the night. People in many parts of India have been regularly consuming roasted makhana along with luke warm milk at night. Makhana portions had at night along with milk aid digestion and also help in getting a good night sleep.