Madhubani Makhana – going back to our roots

We were the first, the original, the authentic pioneer of Makhana production - the Madhubani Makhana

Now that Makhana’s amazing natural health benefits have been discovered globally, it has been heralded as a new superfood and demand is rising rapidly.

The challenge for Bihar, the largest producer of Makhana in India and the world, is that so much needs to be done to ensure that demand, as well as the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, can be met. Production quality, hygiene standards, and the whole supply chain must be regulated and improved.
This is why Madhubani Makhana has launched, to take the initiative, to be at the forefront and influence change. We understand what needs to be done. We were the first, the original, the authentic pioneer of Makhana production – the Madhubani Makhana!

Our relationship with Makhana growers started back in 1932 when Madhubani Makhana’s Managing Director, Shambhu Prasad Sah’s late father, Sri Ram Chandra Sah, first pioneered the business of raw Makhana, at a time when hardly anyone knew about the crop or its health benefits. Collectively the Sah family has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years since, whilst building a deep and lasting relationship with farmers and supply chain networks.  

Madhubani Makhana is essentially a relaunch of the original values and ideals advocated by Sri Ram Chandra Sah, to influence the modernising of the Makhana industry which is essential for the future prosperity of all.

Madhubani Makhana by far the largest wholesale supplier in Bihar and we are doing our utmost to lead and bring about change to benefit all. We are opening a modern manufacturing plant in Madhubani (Bihar, India) to set new standards in hygiene to demonstrate what is possible to improve the process from farm to factory.  In order to meet the increasing global demand, we are also extending our roasting and flavouring production facilities to increase capacity in the United Kingdom.

Madhubani Makhana’s ambition is to be open, honest and transparent in everything we do, to set new standards in hygiene and quality, to be the trusted wholesale partner of choice. 

We are aware that many potential buyers don’t know who to contact or to trust and there is a general lack of awareness of the marketplace.

To address this we have two objectives:

  • To promote the amazing health-giving benefits of Makhana to the world.
  • To become the most trusted Knowledge Centre and resource for all Makhana related information and statistics worldwide.

We really care about Makhana and its future success. We want everyone associated with the production and supply of Makhana to benefit. That is why we are very involved in giving back to the Makhana farming community in Bihar and determined to help improve the lives of all those involved.

Makhana is "The Superfood for a Healthy Life"